Thursday, November 27, 2008


As told by A$$ Rod will ditch spending time with his kids on Thanksgiving to go spend his time being man handled by his new man toy [Mandonna].

Again proving what an jerk-off he really is. Cares for no one but himself. His kids mean nothing to him. A real man would spend his holiday season with his kids.

But A[nal] Rod isn't a real man is he? He's become a willing victim to Mandonna's man love. I bet Mandonna's showing him some new things in bed. Like how to take a 12-inch strap on up his you know what. Guy was probably victim to Mandonna's man loving, but finally he escaped it. Now it's the asshole's turn...literally. I'm willing to bet that's the reason he was so anxious to get back to Mandonna.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving A[nal] Rod, even though you're the one on the receiving Mandonna's strap on loving.

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