Monday, November 10, 2008


It's true. Black folk are a bit cocky. Most have the right to be, because they're athletically gifted. Sports figures are really cocky, well the really good ones are [most are black]. Rappers and hip hop stars are cocky because they just are. Like any Hollywood celebrity they seek to be the center of attention. And so with that and the fact that a HALF black man becomes the first non-FULL white President those black entertainers/celebrities will be coming out of the wood work ego trippin all over the place. We already have seen a little bit of it during the primaries when celebrities such as Alicia Keys and P.Diddy were all over the place making black comments.

Before I got into the whole political thing and endorsed Obama I was blasting black entertainers for endorsing Obama just because he's black. And for the most part it's true, that's why they back him and that's why they voted for him.

Now that he has won expect a lot of the black entertainers egos to sky rocket. They'll be all over the media when it gets closer to the inauguration commenting how this is a great time for BLACKS. This is a change for BLACK Americans. This an era for BLACKS. Very self-centered comments. It's now just about BLACKS, his Presidency is stands for everyone. Blacks, Asians, Indians, Muslims, Spanish, whites...EVERYONE! Not just you guys. His mother is white, his father is black, his sister is half white and half asian. He's been exposed to many cultures. He's hasn't stuck himself with just one, but with all. People don't understand that about him. Especially these black entertainers. All they see is a black man. To them he's the physical representation of "black power."

So don't be surprised to see Diddy on BET or some event held to celebrate Obama's inauguration yelling "Black is great...Black is beautiful baby!"

Point to these black entertainers...Obama is more than just a black man. He's an inspiration to all races. So don't label him as just being black. 

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