Saturday, November 8, 2008


The Republican media [FoxNews] first dubbed Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber as the voice for the average citizen. Wow if Joe is the average citizen then I'd have to come to the conclusion that the average citizen is a dumb ass. Cause obviously Joe is a dumb ass. Because he makes stupid statements only a dumb ass would make. Agreeing to a reporters question whether a vote for Obama is death to Israel. Calling Obama a socialist when he doesn't really fully understand what a socialist really is. Then again the average person doesn't really know what the true meaning of a socialist is. Nor do they realize that our government right now runs a Capitalistic government with Socialistic programs. Nor does Joe the dumb ass realize that the $700 billion bailout plan is a socialistic program. But I guess it's true then...the average citizen is dumb.

Here it comes again, another perfect example of a Republican. Joe is so self serving that now he has a website that sells "Joe" things, whatever they are. His website [who I will not give any plugs to] is a self proclaimed watchdog group. Who knows or gives a shit at whatever their mission is. Probably to discredit Obama...probably another stupid  anti-Obama site.

The day after the election, he was on FoxNews Hannity and is a little bit of how dumb Joe really is.

"You were on with Neil Cavuto here," Colmes stated to Wurzelbacher, "and you said, "There's too many questions with Barack Obama and his loyalty to our country and I question that greatly.'" 

"Do you really doubt that Barack Obama's loyal to the United States?" Colmes asked. "When you question someone's loyalty to America, you're really questioning whether they're good Americans. You're questioning whether they're patriotic."

"Didn't Joe Biden say it was patriotic to take my money and give it to other people?" Wurzelbacher retorted.

"You were on welfare once," replied Colmes. "Was that taking somebody else's money and giving it to you?"

Wurzelbacher stated during an appearance with Hannity in October, "I grew up poor. I've actually been on welfare, my parents, a couple of different times, and we worked harder and got off of it."

"I paid into welfare. It's something to be used and not to be abused," Wurzelbacher insisted self-righteously, seemingly confusing welfare with unemployment insurance.

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