Sunday, November 9, 2008


Almost a week now since the landslide victory by Barack Obama a majority of the people are still over joyed and optimistic by what his election will bring. But then there is the group that are still angry and hateful. Some pray for his death, some pray because they believe the anti-Christ has come, and some pray that he doesn't turn the White House into a ghetto crack house. Then there are the small few that just hate everything so it doesn't matter which candidate won, they're just so hateful with themselves [really] that they lash out at the world. I like to call them hopeless.

Us the majority the people that voted for Obama are open minded people. Free thinkers, people that see beyond the bonds of the BOX. Optimistic and realistic at times. We're mostly Democrats...the Republicans label us Liberals, because let's face it, that's all they can really do is label people and try to discredit them. It's playground tactics. They're a bunch of SQUARES that live in and by the BOX.

People that voted against Obama only really see one thing. The color of his skin. And they blame us for voting for him because the color of his skin. And though that's not entirely a false statement by them. It's also a very ignorant thing to say. Many young blacks did vote for him because he was black and they wanted to be part of history. But the majority of the PEOPLE that voted for Obama voted for him for the person he is and the message that he brings. Him being black [like I've said before] is just an added bonus.

What most Reps fail to see is what he brings to the PEOPLE of this nation. He brings HOPE. His speeches bring people together. His whole message of UNITY echoes MLK, Lincoln, and Reagan. Based their decision on his ability to bring people together. That again echoed on his victory speech when he reached out to the voters that didn't vote for him. He asked them for their help in being President. The sad thing is that most of the voters that voted against him will never offer their hand to help. They are selfish and would rather see the country be destroyed, just so they can have the selfish gratification of saying "I told you so." Very sad people indeed.

You tell me is it wrong for the majority of the people to believe that this man can bring the HOPE that this country needs? 

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