Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We are all now a witness to history. The first minority [black] has been elected as the 44th President.  This day in November will go down in the history books. It's a huge step for this country. A step that some still don't see. The most qualified black man to run for the highest position in this country. I mean come on would you rather see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton as president? I think not.

Right now I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to my friends that hate Obama and believe he's the anti-Christ. Pick up your Christian fable...I mean bible and start reading. Pray if you must, just shut up with your religious beliefs, keep them to yourselves and bow down bitches! We know why you really hate Obama, it's because he stands for equality to all...yes even the gay and lesbian community. And well all know Christians and Catholics "Hate Fags!" (which is a joke because we all know about Catholic Priest and their love for young boys) Hey at least you won your stupid YES! on 8 [In California] you racist discriminative bitches. Why don't you put signs on the front of your church doors that say "NO GAYS ALLOWED" or "STRAIGHT PEOPLE ONLY". Oh and get ready for the rapture ya'll cause "the anti-Christ" is here. Ya'll stupid. Get your noses out of that Odyssey you call a bible and live life. Embrace change, because it's here.

I do have to say though. As I was flipping channels watching coverages of the tallies I happen to flip to the BET channel [Black Entertainment Channel] and yea, it was a bad representation of Obama. Picture ghetto hip hop guys with cornrows wearing suits to look dignified and girls with nappy ass hair trying to dress up in business attire, bustin laptops to look like they know whats going on. Looked like a ghetto CNN. It's no wonder Obama has never endorsed that crowd. Heck most of the Hip Hop community can't vote, because most have charges on their record. Why do you think Diddy didn't vote when he did that whole Vote or Die campaign. Because he couldn't he had felony gun charges on his record. Most of those guys have wrap sheets a mile long. To the people at BET it's all about BLACK. Those that could vote only voted for Obama because he is black. It didn't matter to them that he was the more educated candidate or that his plans were more thought out than the other guy. They just see black and that's that. It's true. They just want to see a black man as President. I mean I do too, but at least to me just cause he's black doesn't decide my vote. There's more to it. Being a black candidate was just an added bonus, but it's what he stands for is the deciding factor. Not to BET. If I don't really fully understand how the Electoral votes work, no way in hell do those fools at BET know anything.

Hey did anyone else notice that in McCains crowd during his thank you speech there wasn't one single minority there? I don't think I ever saw a black person or any other minority there? But in Obama's crowd it was as diverse as a box of Crayola crayons. Just an observation. But I have to say, if McCain ran an honest campaign [like he promised] and his speeches where as honest as his "Thank You" speech, he would have had a lot more people on his side. But the moment he went "negative" he lost a lot of respect. Obama never attacked McCains character. He did play the offensive, but never did he attack first. For example McCain attacked Obama on his relationship with Bill Ayers, Obama countered with a website that connected McCain with Charles Keating, the man that stole money from millions of people and cost taxpayers over $128 billion. McCain was a part of the Keating 5, who received money from Keating for their support. Obama never played it out in the media, never brought it out in his speeches. Let the website speak for itself. He never lost his cool. That's what garnered Obama a lot more votes. We want a President that can stand in the face of adversity with a cool, calm and collective stance.

It's not really official until 1.20.09. When Obama is sworn in as the 44th President. [I was wondering why no one was calling him President Obama]. That day will be another historical day. I'm afraid he will not be able to walk the final half mile or so and up the steps of congress to be sworn in, as it was a tradition of all Presidents before Bush. Bush in 2004 could not honor the tradition himself, because he was so hated already and death threats where received that day. I expect the death threats to be more aggressive towards Obama. So unfortunately he will not be able to honor the tradition himself. You will probably see more death threats and attempts on his life than any other President, because of the color of his skin. It's a shame. As we know all the good Presidents have been assassinated or shot. President Abe Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy where assassinated, while President Ronald Reagan was shot but managed to survive. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that for what we hope is going to be a good President, he doesn't get shot or assassinated. That's my rant for now...Obama ya'll!


  1. Alright Haider...just wanted to drop a line man. Great blog, first of all, your criticism of religion is a little harsh. There are some of us religious people who aren't half bad, believe it or not! But anyways, change is yet to come. The election of Obama was the first step in the right direction in a long time. Our economy's lower than it has been in a century, the trust in the government is also at a low point, and we've yet to bring back thousands upon thousands of proud Americans from that hellhole in the middle east.

    Let's hope that the young people that came out to vote continue paying attention and contributing to politics a little more...I know I will. Let's hope that they don't continue on with their lives as they have been. As young be people we must stay INVOLVED. There is no excuse now for blaming the government anymore because we must live up to our word now. We all said we wanted change, and Barack Obama said he'll give us change. But we musn't let up just because OUR President was elected. He'll need our help more than any President has. Our voice was heard, but we must keep it resounding. The thunder of millions of American voices should easily overcome the whispers of Government pens on Government paper.


  2. Oh yeah...just wanted to add. Now that we're on the way to fix this country, let's hope they can fix our damn Chargers!!