Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Now I fancy myself as a Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S. fan and follower so when these three other guys came onto the scene with their documentary/film called Ghost Adventures, I wasn't impressed.

Their documentary did have a very interesting ending and ghost capture. This was aired a few years ago and til this day the proof they captured remains to be debunked. In fact that the local news station did their own investigation late one even in the very room of the capture and what they came out with was an EVP of a woman saying they didn't mean to throw the brick. So as of today it is still considered one of the best evidence to prove that ghost really do exist.

But that little evidence alone wasn't enough to twat my loyalty of TAPS. So I brushed them off. But now they have their own show and now I find them to be very different in their approach toward ghost hunting. Ghost Adventures guys are more aggressive than TAPS. And there are only 3 members in Ghost Adventures. No camera crew following them around, just the three of them. As for TAPS there are at least 5-6 members at a time during an investigation not to mention maybe 4-6 camera crew members following them around.  Then there is the fact that the Ghost Adventures guys LOCK themselves in the area they investigating, not being allowed to leave until the morning when they are let out.  TAPS usually pack it up and leave early in the morning. And finally the Ghost Adventure guys willingly allow themselves to be separated and isolated by themselves in order to get a strong reaction from a ghost. While TAPS hardly ever allows a member to be by themselves. Their two styles show why one gets more evidence than the other. The isolation of just three members compared to six allows the ghosts to be more willing to come out and play so to speak. The saying of safety in numbers apply here. With more members in one investigation it oddly enough frightens the ghost into coming out.

Anyways to end this. I am still a devoted TAPS fan...even though with the recent Halloween special it showed just how some of the scenes of investigating was set up, but still I love the show. But I also now enjoy Ghost Adventures, because of their aggressive and taunting approach to ghost hunting. They want to anger and force the ghosts out, which I think is more exciting  to watch.

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