Sunday, November 23, 2008


For the most part I hate these My Super Sweet 16 crap. Because it's full of spoiled brats that don't deserve a $250k party to celebrate their birthday. That's a load of crap. BUT the episode with Salt-N-Pepa Djay Spinderella's daughter was a good one. Christy is her name. She's was very different from the rest of the stuck up spoiled bitches on the show. She was very humble and not outragously demanding like the rest. That's probably a testament to the way she was raised by her mother.

The whole theme to her party was 80's. And she didn't have it at some lavish club poppin place. She had it at an indoor skatepark. Skaters where going around bustin moves while people watched and danced off to the side. It was a fun venue.

And check this...she didn't demand for an overpriced undeserved luxury vehicle for her first car. She asked for a covertable VW Bug. The only thing she demanded was that it be that lime green color. That's it. She said it was her dream car. I was like thas how you act. Not trippin cause you want a Lambo or Benz. Just humble to get a car. Not asking for the world. Just what you need. That's a kid that deserves the best the world has to offer.

I give my hat off to Christy for being great humble person. And big ups to her moms the lengendary Spinderella for raising such a great girl.


  1. She's a beautiful girl.
    Down-to-earth, modest and humble.
    That was the best Super Sweet 16 I've seen simply because of her.
    Hope she has a 17th!

  2. Dude I loved her!
    Christy - "Let's Talk About Sex BABY!".