Saturday, November 8, 2008


I dunno are they? I have to admit I am new to the political scene. I got involved like millions of other virgins like myself because of the Obama movement. He literally moved me by the way he is. The kind of family man and person he is. So I had to get out there and vote and prior to filling out my voter registration card I never really thought about whether I wanted to be classified as a Dem, Rep, or Ind. I quickly read about each in the handy packet I got with my voter registration card before coming to the conclusion that I was more of a Democrat. A liberal I guess. I like to call Dem's people with an open and free mind. Reps to mean upon interpreting the packet description seemed to be people that are self serving, taking care of their own kind first before considering helping others across the table. Shallow and very closed minded. Set in their ways unwilling to think outside the box.  Of course they label it as being "conservative". Which is totally not me.

Then it was amazing how obviously right I was about Reps. Because watching all the political stuff on TV during the whole election run. All the Reps were in fact self serving people. But I was wrong in one sense. They didn't take care of "their kind" first. They only looked after themselves. They are a pack of hungry wolves that would turn on their own kind to gain ground. As of right now the Republican party is in self destruct mode. They are blaming each other and everyone else in that matter, but not themselves. Only McCain has done that. He blames himself for losing it for the Reps. A Las Vegas Rep was on TV blaming President Clinton's administration for the economic troubles we are having right now. He said that Clinton's admin started the mess. And that the Reps and Bush are just the scapegoats. Now that the Dem's will have a majority led in the senate this time around he's losing it.  I literally fell out of my seat laughing about how absurd his reason was. He doesn't put into consideration that Bush has had 8 years to fix what they thought was wrong in Clinton admin. But they NEVER did, so now that Dem's are going to take over again, they want to blame them for their inability or incompetence to fix the problem that they've known about for 8 years.

Then there was Rush Limbaugh on with, I believe, Greta Van Susteren. Now he's a self helping POS, a true Republican. He believes that Palin is the answer to the Reps. The person who has the least experience from the 4 running for the President's office. I believe he thinks she can make a serious run in 2012. That tell me one thing. The Reps are very desperate. Because now the Dem's have this strong figure to represent them, in Barack Obama that it's eating them up alive. That's why they've been trying to tear Obama down, but Obama is better than that and he knows they can't push him off the edge.

And there are so many other Reps that I've seen on TV that are just so self centered and so closed minded. It really only brings me to one conclusion. Reps are really self serving people, looking out for themselves first.

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