Thursday, November 20, 2008


After a few years you'd think people would stop feeling sorry for Aniston. How Brad left her for Angelina. How Angelina stole him from her. Well as a matter of fact, she kinda drove him away. You see from what I've heard a few years ago [during their marriage] was that Brad wanted to have kids, but she didn't. She thought her movie career was about to jump start with the ending of Friends coming. That this family thing was far from Aniston's mind. Rumor has it he gave her or they agreed upon a time period and that after that period they would slow down for a bit and have a child. Well that time period came and went but Jen still refused to have a baby. She was more focused on her career. Again rumor has it this caused the rift that you saw in their marriage.

It seems that he came to realization that Aniston wasn't the woman he thought she was. She was self driven and self serving. And pretty much hated kids. Howard Stern himself can vouch for how self centered she really is. Before she became famous she was this chubby chick that appeared on his show. A year later she lost the weight and transformed into the Jennifer Aniston that we've seen. Of course now she wouldn't consider talking or even being in the same room as Howard Stern. Well anyways...

Brad wanted out, because he wanted a woman that really wanted to settle down and start a family. In comes Angelina Jolie, who for the most part of her Hollywood career was this fiery, free spirited vixen, who wanted to have a good time at any cost. Didn't have a care for the world, but then something happened. She became aware, she matured in record speed. She began seeing the world for what it was and she decided she wanted to help fix it. And it so happened that she wanted a family so she adopted and lived a single moms life for a bit. It so happened at the same time Brad started getting into? You guessed it saving the world. So in retrospect these two were meant for each other, they just hadn't met yet...until Mr. & Mrs. Smith. There they met and realized that they had everything in common...he wanted a family, she wanted a family. He wanted to save the world, she wanted to save the world...only problem was that Brad was still legally married. Their marriage was pretty much over anyhow, but still he was legally married. So was it wrong for him to cheat on Aniston while still married? Yes. But was it worth it? I dunno you have to ask him. It seems like it to me. I mean he's got everything he's wanted. A family, a woman that has the same passions, not to mention she's smoking hot.

So can I be mad at him for leaving his wife for Angelina? No, because his wife was a self serving cunt. She didn't deserve him. He found happiness, so let him be. And stop feeling sorry for Jennifer Aniston. She's not even in the same league as Brad or Angelina. At the end of the day all she cares about is herself. She's 40+ years old...single, unmarried and childless. What kinda of women are in that situation? A selfish woman.

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