Monday, November 17, 2008


Okay so if you grew up in Cali [especially SoCal] in the 90's than you most definitely had a PAGER! With that said then you know of some of the codes you'd send the homies and honeys. Like 187 or 143 right. But do you remember Numerics? You know putting numbers together to form letters. It looks like just a bunch of code only a hacker would be able to read, but it's really not. Once you get used to the formation of numbers to form letters and words it becomes second nature.

With that said, I will be using this type of code on my blog rants from now on. Sometimes full out numerics and other times broken numerics where only one or a few words will be in numerics. Here's a little message for you to decifer in numerics. Unfortunately I can't tell you the letter codes. You'll have to ask around or figure it out yourself.


Okay so that's a numeric message. I know a lot of you guys can read it. Some probably took a little while to dust off the rust off but got it in the end. So look for numeric rants from me here on out. It just makes it more fun...

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