Monday, November 17, 2008


Come come ladies, don't know you the new trend is to be a skinny crack whore? Here's a celebrity to set the trend for all you young girls out there.

Do lots of coke and meth...hell do a variety of drugs and you to can become a great musician like Amy Winehouse. Without the drugs she's talentless. But with it, she's Amy [911615317] Winehouse. She's a rockstar!

I'm just kidding girls. This is a prime example of what I call "wasted talent", literally wasted. She's an awesome singer, she's got great style (when she's not cracked out). But she's throwing it all away to get wasted. This girls is what you call a loser.

She doesn't deserve the money she's getting, nor the fame. She doesn't deserve her fans nor her musical talents. If God where real, she's basically pissing in his face for the God giving talent that she's wasting away for the next high...

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