Friday, November 21, 2008


I tried watching at the beginning of the season, but with the story so far way from last seasons and not to mention how most of the cast left with the writers and creators, the show has just been not worth watching. BUT I did catch this weeks semi-season finale [after this week it's the usual break period for Smallville, which will continue airing in January]. I just thought it was terrible.

All the characters left are just a mess. Clarks still trying to be the same old Clark, but it's so old that you just sit there and yell at the TV for him to just go ahead and be Superman.  The main story is really struggle because of what they built with Lex, now that he's gone that back story has become that he's missing but he's still alive somewhere and in the end of this episode you see what looks like Lex [from the back] but never revealing his face. I don't know how much longer they can go without producing a Lex. Lex really had become a vital part of the Smallville saga and not having him on would be like not having Clark there. Lana appears in this episode, and she walks, talks, and acts like she's this tough superhero girl, it's kinda weird. But Lois, being the main girl now, the make-up department has put a little more make up on her. And boy is she looking hotter than ever.

And another thing...Doomsday in human form? Which later reveals his true self. But still Doomsday? He just appeared out of nowhere in the first episode of the season. Befriended Chloe in human form and now is in love with her and will stop at nothing to get her, even seriously wounding Jimmy. Doomsday? seriously! Doomsday. You know the guy that breaks Superman's back...not Clark, Superman. How can Clark be fighting him now? When he's suppose to fight him later on and have his back broken by him? The story's going off the charts and when it returns in January they're bringing a cast of Superheroes and Villans. And I mean full pledged Supers and Villans with costume and everything.

I really don't know what direction this show is going in. But I expect that Clark will fly soon. I say the show has one more season after this season. So expect Clark to fly somewhere in between then. With the departure of the original producers/creators whom stated from the beginning that Clark will NEVER fly, I expect that rule to have left with them. But the question will remain, who will make him the suit? I assume if they do introduce the suit that it will come in the mail as a care package from his Martha Kent, who is off doing the Political thing. Anyways I'll watch some more episodes to really see where this show is going...I know I'll be wasting my time, but Lois is really looking good, so she might keep me tuned in. I just wish that Clarks cousin was still on the show, now that alone would keep me tuned in til the very end...

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