Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well looks like Carly Smithson has already put out a debut album back in 1999 with MCA Records Produced by Steve Dorff. It didn't do so well because the songs weren't up to standards to marketing to the teenage target.

Read full article of Carly Smithson aka Carly Hennessy click here

So now wouldn't that disqualify her? I mean she'd already had a recording contract with a big record label. I dunno, she's still one of my faves. I mean she is pretty, totally marketable and sings extremely well. Better than some artists out there right now. Like Britney Spears for one.

It really sucks though cause if she wins and gets the contract deal with Idol, than she's stuck in a contract with Idols parent company 19 Entertainment. I tell you inked pretty chicks are hard to come by.

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