Monday, March 31, 2008


I was told some news today about how a co-worker's family is a military family. She's sadden and concerned because her husband and son are shipping out to Iraq for a years tour. I just felt really sad for her. This is what our society has come to. Our brothers, sisters, husbands, wife's, sons, daughters, etc. are being sent to Bush's war (don't count on any Bush or Bush relative to be fighting first hand in the war, the Bush's are cowards). These military souls are trained not to ask questions, do as they are told and do it to their fullest ability. Bush basically believes that the war has done great things for the world and our nation. No it hasn't. Before the war US civilians could travel all around the world along with the Middle East with no fears. Now, you can get kidnapped and executed for saying you're an American in foreign land. We are actually in more danger now than we were in the beginning. At least in the beginning the world understood our bombing of Afghanistan. But then invading Iraq caused the world to hate us. Let's all thank dumba$$ (President Bush) for that...

Anyways enough rambling back to celebrity news. Well this is pretty old news. But the news I heard about a co-workers family reminded me of this story of The Hills, Heidi Montag's stepbrother. Eric O'Hara was Heidi Montag's stepbrother, he was only 24 and he was already a combat veteran in the Iraq war. He'd been through numerous battles. Battles in which he saw many of his military brothers die right in front of him. But he managed to survive, on four occasions to be exact. After all the close calls he made it back home just as he left, in one piece. Eluding death four times, must have made Eric feel invincible, untouchable even. Sadly not so was the case. On February 28th 2008 Eric was removing snow from the roof of the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel when he slipped and fell to his death. After all the close calls in war, he dies in freak accident? I guess death was out to get him. Makes you think final destination'ish (the movie). As much as I hate Heidi and her in the closet gay fiance Spencer, I have to pay respect to her stepbrother Eric. He was a person who wanted to fight for something he thought was right. Unfortunately Bush misled him. But still he was soldier.

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