Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Remember when MTV played music videos in full? When there wasn't a TRL or a bunch of cheesy reality shows?
Ah the good old days. When the "M" in Mtv actually stood for "music". Now it stands for mainstream TV.

I remember all the rock band videos that would play constantly. Yo! Mtv Raps was the first rap show on TV. Or who could forget that dope game Remote Control. That game was the sh#t!

Then things got all corporate and Mtv lost it's mojo. The music became a figment of it's imagination. Rtv (Reality) is what it became. Now shows like The Hills, Real World, Road Rules, True Life, etc have become the staple of the company.

They gave birth to Mtv2; placing all it's music videos on the second channel, but who knows what the channel number to that is. No one really knows. Mtv used to be fun programming, now it's bland programning.

Is the mojo lost forver? Probably.

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