Monday, March 3, 2008


Jerry better be sorry, those were pretty harsh comments about author Missy Chase Lapine who is accusing his wife Jessica of plagiarism.

This is what happens when you're head gets full...of yourself. Jerry's a big name comedian. So he thinks that Lapine is nothing more than a little pest that you can just step on and get rid of. She's a nobody and he's a somebody so why should anyone care that his wife plagiarised Lapine book, because his wife is bored and can't come up with her own ideas.

I'm always on the underdogs side most of the time. Celebrities think they're so much better than the average person. Most forget that they were ordinary once themselves. Jerry's a douche bag. Porche collecting POS. I'm super rich so I'm going to collect over 40 Porches, just cause I can. I hope Lapine ends up with a couple of his Porches.

To read Seinfeld article by E! Online click here.

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