Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Someone brought his name up recently. After hearing it, it just made me realize how messed up our justice system really is. How is this pathetic man still alive? He was sentenced to death, but was reduced by abolition, to life? And he's eligible for parole in 2012? This is the justice system?

He sent his minions to slaughter a group of innocent people, gave no mercy for Sharon Tate, who was pregnant and he gets mercy? His weak minded hippie junkies get mercy? This is justice?

You know what would be justice? Manson and his little cult group all hogtied or suspended like pinatas in the air. The victims family members supplied with tools like the executioners tools in the movie The Passion of the Christ. And they get slaughtered, like they slaughtered those people. That would be justice. Let them beg for their lives, listen to them cry for mercy, and then look in their painful faces and say, "No mercy for those who gave no mercy." Again that is justice. The legal system is by far a flawed system. Violent offenders getting a "fair" trial, ha that's a joke. Where was the fair trial for their victims? When their victims were sentenced to death by these violent offenders, did they get 30 years before execution? No. They were murdered after sentencing, so why does the justice system sentence these violent offenders to death and then allow them to sit in death row for 20+ years? Before finally getting executed? Shouldn't execution be right after the trial?

Allowing them to sit in prison allows their stories to be told and in some cases like Manson's, they gain idol status. They literally become famous and grow a following. Why? What has our society become that we allow this to happen? The media has tainted our minds so much that if Jesus came back down for his second coming, we'd institutionalize him and hop him up on tons of medication and hire psychologists to convince him he is not the son of God.

Heed this little fact that people do not really know as a warning. Charles Manson has kids. Though they probably changed their names to hide their true identity. These are the last known names Charles Milles Manson, Jr. (mother Rosalie Jean Willis), Charles Luther Manson (mother Leona), Valentine Michael "Pooh Bear" Manson (mother Mary Brunner). Any offspring of Manson's should be deemed dangerous. They are of his blood. Expose them for who they are.

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  1. What do you know about his children what if that was your aunt, cousin, family member that ran with her child and never looked back. Roselie was married to him way before any of this ever happened. You might want to watch what you say about others. She spent her whole life trying to protect him. Now she lives with the pain of him taking his own life because of who he was. He could not live with it, have some sympothy I thought we are judged by our actions not by our parents. What have your parents done I bet you dont know the half of it. I am sure it was nothing this bad but you better take a good hard look before you judge other people.