Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Finally! I finally had time to sit down and watch the new made for TV Knight Rider movie (I recorded on DVR). Let's begin...

Being a fan of the original Knight Rider series, I had a lot of expectations for this movie. I'll tell you right, that none of my expectations were met.

I was more than disappointed in this movie. This is was a terrible movie. This movie was pretty much a proposal for a TV series. So the very idea of a TV series depended on how well this movie would do. Everything was riding on it. Boy did it fail miserably. What should have happened is that this idea should have been pitched for a big screen movie. I mean every one's trying to get old classics rehashed on the big screen. I mean for god's sake they did Starsky and Hutch. Come on the original TV series was terrible. Knight Rider is a cult classic. It should have been subject to low budget TV movie massacre. It deserves more respect than that. A big screen movie should have been made and from there a TV series would be pitched. There's more credit on the big screen than on national television.

Everything was bad in this movie, that I don't even know where to begin. The story was stupid, the actors where, as Simon Cowell would say, "Utterly horrendous!" And K.I.T.T. was a grade A bore. I don't want to give out the story because it's not worth getting into detail, it's just that bad. The main character Mike Tracuer (Michael Knight's estranged son) was plucked from the soap opera stage. So you know what that means? He's not good enough to be a real actor. And boy did it show. Actually all of the cast exibited it.

Now lets get to the main star of the show, K.I.T.T. There's just something plain and simple about the old K.I.T.T. that made him so cool and so different from all other Trans Am's. You know what I saw in the new K.I.T.T.? A Shelby GT500 Mustang...with a cool after market kit. I dunno maybe it's because I lived the whole "The Fast and The Furious" lifestyle of modifying cars with body kits, rims, spoilers, and ground fx when I was younger. That now I just see a fixed up cars as that, my youth relived. I dunno but I still find the old K.I.T.T. simply stylish. Don't get me wrong, this new on looks cool. Smooth and sleek. But it just doesn't have the vibe that the old spewed out.

I do have to say how sorely disappointed I was in a few things.

The first was the voice of K.I.T.T. it just seemed so robotic and boring. The old one had a very friendly lovable voice. You felt comfortable hearing his voice, you grew attached to it. This one, was boring as...

Second the car never used it's turbo boast! In fact the car never did anything special. Just the typical car chase scenes this car never did the most memorable K.I.T.T. move in TV cult classic land, the turbo boast. I could not believe throughout the whole movie it never did the move. How could you make a Knight Rider movie and not have the car do a turbo boast?
And the third issue was the Hoff's cameo. It was 2-5 minutes long and it was lame. It went like this...Mike standing alone in front of his mothers grave. Knight makes his way to Mike from the background, in a stiffly manner. Stands next to Mike and says "I'm sorry for your loss." blah blah blah, "I'm Michael...Michael Knight. I'm your father." blah blah blah. Extendeds his hand out, for a handshake, they shake and then Knight walks away. Mike yells out "Hey, Michael! Will I ever see you again?" And Knight stops and turns to respond, "I hope so, I hope so." (meaning: please network exects please pick up the show so I can have an acting career again). It was just so lame.

Overall I really don't see how they would be picked up for a series, unless they get some really good writers to write the show and replace the actors with actors that can actually act. I give the movie two thumbs down. Sadly disappointed.

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