Tuesday, March 4, 2008


When I first say this article on I was fuming. Having lived all my youth with a pet dog, this article made me want to go out and find this Marine and inflict some Hostile (the movie) sh#t to him. It's just as bad as those videos of tortured dogs in markets being sold as food. With arms broken from being tied behind their backs and their mouths shoved in rusty jagged cans to muffle their crys. Those people I would butcher like Jack the Ripper.
I didn't get a chance to see the actual full version of the video with dog yelping as it's thrown in the air, but seeing the edited version where it shows him setting up to throw the puppy and at the last second the video is cut off.

If this guy thinks he's so cool and funny. I dare him to step out into the public and address the media. There's nothing this pathetic excuse for a marine can do or say to make things right in this situation. Fake or not, he's got himself stuck kneck deep in sh#t. Right now if you were to given a choice on who's life would you spare, this marine or a terrorist suicide bomber? I would spare the haji's life. This marine's a$$ed out.
Instead of discharging him they should sentence him to a 3-5 year tour back in Iraq. That should be his punishment. Getting a court martial and probably a dishonorable discharge ain't sh#t. 3-5 tour of duty in thats justice.

Someone needs to film him stepping on a Bouncing Betty, then poping up, blowing up right above his waste tearing him in half and hearing him yelp like that poor puppy.

Click on image to view CNN article.

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