Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay now this is exactly why I hate this "emo" style. Look this guy. Come on Leto do you really think this is cool? Wearing eyeliner? Styling your hair like baby Suri and her mommy Katie Holmes? Queer.

These emo dorks wear tight a$$ pants and seem to feel like you're not emo unless you weigh around a buck (100lbs). They think skinny is cool or something. Their hairs are parted to on side covering an eye or whatever. Basically it seems the idea is to look like a cute girl. So for the girls it's okay, but for the guys. It's like saying I'm trying to be gay but I'm not sure if it's cool or not. It's like metro sexual with a goth twist.

The thing I find most humorous about these emo punks is that they go around acting loud and tough. Like the old school punk rocker punks. It's like gay looking punk rockers. I see them on a constant basis walking around being loud and immature. Weighing in at an average of 102 lbs. This punks have certainly Napoleon Bonaparte syndrome. You know little man with big man attitude. I'm thinking I could toss these clowns around if they ever make the mistake of getting in my space. Oh would I love that chance. Hey I've got to break in my eskrima sticks on someone.

Jared Leto...what the f*#k is up with you? Thas all I have to say. I can't even comment on his new hairdo in the latest US Weekly. The bashing would just be to racy, even for Celebrity HAiDER.

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