Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yes I said it. Michelle Wie is a flop! She is the youngest golfer to ever turn pro (at age 17), she was built up to be the next Tiger Woods. She was suppose to be the pure blood Asian to take mainstream media by the throat. Instead she's become the golf worlds Anna Kournikova. Pretty with no real talents. The butt of all the golf announcers jokes.

Sure she can drive a golf ball as far enough to keep up with pro (male) golfer but her overall game isn't that great. Since becoming a pro, she has not won a single major tournament.

Nike has paid a pretty penny to endorse her and she has yet to prove she is well worth it. Much like Reggie Bush (NFL player), Wie is nothing but an over hyped player. The media built her up so much because she over her very young age. They wanted her to be the success that they wrote up for her. The only problem was that she couldn't live up to the hype. So now they're slowly turning on her.

What a big disappointment, embarrassing for the Asian crowd.

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