Saturday, March 29, 2008


Being an fan of the show since day one I've watched the show grow and expand. Growing up being around the comic book world in my younger days I know the Superman story and it's been very interesting and frustrating seeing how they've taken the story. How they pretty much reshaped it and evolved it.

As the show is closely ending it's 7th season Clark Kent faces more adversity than he's ever had to face. His secret is now known by a small trusted group. Supergirl is in the mix and so is Louis. Whom he isn't suppose to meet until he moves to Metropolis to begin his career as a reporter at the daily planet. The story like I said has evolved. The only question is that has it taint Superman? Meaning now kids that new nothing of the true story of Superman, will begin to believe that the story told by the show Smallville is the true story of Superman. I'm hoping it doesn't.

One thing that the writers continuously have been conveying to us, is that Superman is so vulnerable. Kryptonite is what will kill him, but humanity is his weakness. He's so gullible and so self righteous that it cost people their lives. His inability to kill for the greater good, has cost a lot of lives in the series. And my guess will eventually cost him the first love of his life, Lana. After the series is all said and done Lana will be dead, along with Chloe, and Lionel.

Let's face it, Superman is a dreamer. He dreams of a world full of love and respect for one another. He's a hippie. Which makes him one of the weakest super hero there is. He could easily stop the worlds violence by being more of an enforcer. If he told the world that if he caught you harming others or planning to do so that he would break your neck right that second, than people wouldn't harm each other. His justice beliefs are exactly like that of the legal system right now. Fair and kind treatment of criminals. Weak.

That is why Batman is the better super hero. His justice is vengeance. He believes that the use of violence against a person who inflicts violence onto the innocent isn't violence, it's justice. An eye for an eye.

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