Friday, March 7, 2008


I don't know why Eco (E.L.F. fu#kers) terrorist aren't considered a threat like Al Queda. They belong on the same level. Their actions should be taken seriously. They are endangering our homeland. So where's the homeland security. All Eco-terrorists should be taken into custody and placed in Guantanamo Bay or other secret government facilities and treated as terrorists.

Their hatred for our nation is treason and therefore they should be dealt with in the proper manner. These "extreme" hippies need to be eradicated just like the "extreme" Muslims. It's that plain and simple.

They think burning and defacing property is the way to get the message across. They see themselves as the protectors of earth and it's living inhabitants, but yet they burn these structures not concerning themselves with the wildlife living around these structures being burned. The animals that die from their blazes or the potential deaths that they can inflict on the innocent, in the name of getting their message across. To them it's just a casualty of war.

And most these groups are usually lead by one of you crazy white people (see image on top left). Ya'll crazy. You and your over passion for things. Then you influence all the others to follow you. And we are dumb enough to believe in your BS and go along with the stupidity.

Well it's gotta stop. Along with Scientology you hippies need to be taken down.

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