Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Since the release of his Scientology video, Scientology facilities have been bombarded with protesters and bomb threats. People are taking their outrage for a cult group that calls itself a religion. Former Scientologists have been adding fuel to fire by sharing their Scientology horror stories with angry protesters.

I hate Scientology myself. I feel it's a bunch of B.S. science fiction crap. But then again I feel the same way about Christianity. Would I waste my time protesting in front of Scientology buildings or Christian Churches? No. People that do that have nothing better to do and are looking to be part of something.

I don't believe in threatening Scientologist, unless they threaten me first. Instead of protesting and calling in bomb threats, do research and expose the truth about Scientology. Show the world what kind of crap they are full of. Discredit their movement, stop their movement.

They are like a terrorist entity infecting our nations people with Nazi like ideology. They think they are better human beings for being Scientologists. They're using gullable celebrities to recruit and brain wash weaker minded citizens. A movement must be created to counter this terroristic threat to out great nation.

Christianity spread in a much more brutal way. With brute force and intimidation. It was either convert or die. Many lost their lives because they would not convert. We are to late to stop Christianity but let us all learn from that and put a stop to Scientology before it spreads like Christianity did. Spread the word, prepare for the movement.

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  1. I have been studying the madness of scientology form months now. It has completely blown me away, I had no idea how dangerous it was. I guess I just want to say that if I protest outside of a scinfictology center it will not be out of boredom, I work full time and take 15 credits right now. I would do it because they brainwash, assassinate peoples character, breakup families, and suppress free speech, all in the name of profits.
    take care,
    random pissed off citizen