Monday, March 31, 2008


This little prick is one of Celebrity HAiDERs most hated celebrity, Jesse McCartney. This is the first Zach Efron, he thinks he's hard by acting like a black guy. He's just an overall b*tcha$$.

Well this little b*tch is as selfish as they come. And lately he hasn't been an all that considerate of his neighbors. Apparently Mr. Cool has been having countless parties that don't start til 2:30 AM and last til the morning. Not cool. Neighbors have already have sent notices about his party antics and cops have broken up a bunch of his parites.

If I were this fools neighbor, I'd roll up on him sending his sorry a$$ to the hospital in a minute. I'd introduce him to the neighborhood by showing him the curb, with his face.

It's not that obvious that I hate him is it?

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