Monday, March 24, 2008


Now here is the most ungrateful b#tch there ever was. I mean this is a person that should be grateful that she survived a horrific accident that took her leg away. She lived through the ordeal but yet still doesn't respect everyday she can wake up and be alive. Her life became a little more work with a prosthetic leg but she can continue life.

Instead she's a greedy, self centered, fame seeking cunt from the depths of the abyss.

She was lucky that Paul even gave her the time of day. Let alone marry her, minus one leg. He wanted to take care of her, but all she was looking for was the big payday. So so that she was DEMANDING (in a not so subtle way) she be awarded $250 million. For what? Marrying Paul, having sex with him and eventually having his baby? You should be awarded that much? Did you contribute financially to the marriage? What is up with these Britt cunts trying to milk hard working men out of THEIR money? Just as Elizabeth Hurley tried to milk her babies daddy for child support. She's such a hateful cunt that she even named her baby after the Devil's son, Damien.

Heather is the worst of these cunts. She uses her crippled status as a sympathy card. She makes everyone feel sorry for her to reel in her sympathy votes. But luckily the judge wouldn't have any of it and exposed her for what she was? A has been model that was only looking for the big payday. Her eruption at the judge over his verdict just showed everyone the real Heather Mills. Most women do a good job of hiding who they really are inside. They'll let it out to family but to co-workers and in the public, they portray themselves out to be naive angels. All women have ulterior motives. It's in their nature.

Now I've never met Paul or Heather so I couldn't tell you the type of person they really are in person, so don't take my word for it that Heather is a gold diggin' cunt. It's just my opinion, form your own. Read the articles and do your research. Mine just concluded that she is a cunt. I dunno it could be also be the fact that I HATE girls named HEATHER. I think girls named Heather are all shallow cunts.

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  1. Heather Mills' cunt looks like a piece of road-kill that's covered with maggots and puss. However, it's an easier to look at than her face. Futhermore, the slut's cunt contributes to atmospheric pollution.
    No wonder the air around here smells like filthy pussy. Clean up, Mills!