Friday, March 21, 2008


Yes, it's true. Status Quo did make it to the finals of Randy Jackson's: America's Best Dance Crew. How? Who knows, everyone in the Ghetto decided to hit up the voting poles I guess.

All the people with common sense is still trying to figure out how these guys defy getting voted out every week. They're have from day one been the weakest competitors in this competition. One online comment calls them a circus act. Which exactly is what they are. All they do are stunts their choreography is always off, they're never "nsync" with each other and their not that creative. All their performances remind you of something from a hip hop video. But yet they're still there and their going to the finals.

BUT, and that's a big 'ole BUT, they are going up against the future of choreographed dancing. The Jabba Wockeez are and have been flawless every week. They listen to the judges comments and continue to improve their already perfect performances. They belong in the finals, but so do the next best thing to Jabba Wockeez, Kabba Modern. Kabba Modern could be described as the co-ed version of Jabba Wockeez. They're innovative, creative, technical, and the best thing about them, they have girls to add sex appeal. Asian girls. Everyone knows Asian girls are the best, they're exotic and flexible. But sadly they are gone out voted by Status Quo...

No one really understands why. Honestly, every week someone in their crew is messing up. Every week the judges aren't that wowed by their performances. They have yet to show that they belong in the finals. It's totally baffling. Another online comment has called SQ Street Monkeys, because they say their from the streets and the jump around the stage like monkeys.

In California, San Diego especially, are seeing this as another rivalry against a Boston product. Everyone knows the hate between the Chargers and the Patriots. Now it's Jabba against Status Quo. (minus the hate of course, I don't think these two crews hate each other). But we the crowd do the hating for them. Most of us hate SQ because we know they don't belong in the finals and a certain ethnic group hates the Jabba Wockies because they backin their fellow ethnic group SQ. And feelin that the person of with the same ethnic color in the Jabba Wockies is a traitor. I dunno. I'm just instigating...but the sad fact is that Kabba Modern was voted out, so the finale shouldn't be as exciting as it should be. The fact is that Jabba should snap SQ out of the dream that their in and send them back to reality...which is they're not good. That their a joke. Their encore performance as circus clowns showed America exactly that, they're a joke.

So get out there America and make it right. Vote on for Jabba Wockeez. Vote for the best (which is Jabba Wockeez) or die like the rest. You know they are the best dance crew in America. Heck they were even in the movie Step Up 2.

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  1. Status Quo should have been voted and kicked out a long time ago.

    Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez are by far the best. Status Quo is so many levels below KB and JW that it is just ridiculous.

    Either the voting system is rigged by MTV or all the ignorant black kids have voted for a bad circus crew simply because they are black. I feel like throwing up.