Friday, March 21, 2008


It's common knowledge that dancers from the Philippines can't dance as good as their Flip cousins in the US. Because here in the US we're exposed to better teachers and style. So in the Philippines groups steal and byte routines from their cousins in the US. Show case it in the Philippines and say it's theirs. Why? Because in the Philippines entertainment industry, if you've got an ounce of talent or you're good looking you're a big star there, look at Sam Milby. But they wouldn't dare come into the US and try the US entertainment industry, they'll get ripped to shreds.

Well here's a group called "Sop Boys." Dorky looking wannabes who think they're pretty boys (more like pretty trannys) that are hard. These guys can kinda dance, I mean they have some dance talents. I say some because they're not talented enough to create their own moves or choreograph whole routines. So they steal, and who did the sop boys steal from? The now well known Jabba Wockeez. Who are one of the most creative and innovative crews in the US. Check out the clip and see as the stealing occurs and the audience in the Philippines don't even know it. They think Sop Boys are so good...but their not, they're just byters waiting to be eaten by Jabba Wockeez. As per the Wockeez's motto "Byters Will Be Eaten."

Pinoys stealing from their own cousins in the US...shameful. So from now on when you're watching these dancers on the TFC channel, ask yourself this...who did they steal that routine from? The Jabba Wockeez? Kabba Modern? or ther US dance crews.


  1. shame!!! most of the members of the crew are also pinoys! well, they sop should be eaten!!!

  2. I totally agree with you...

    Here's a little known secret that I was privileged enough to be around when I heard this, but if you remember the group KAI, a pre-dominantly Filipino-American R&B/Pop group, they were the first big Pinoy-American act, besides Jocelyn Enriquez, to be signed to a major label. I found out from one of the execs over at Geffen Records that when our "cousins" back home found out, they started sending over demos LIKE MAD! So it just goes to show that they'll steal our talent and say it's theirs, and then turn around and try and make it where they stole their stuff from...It's sad...