Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Filipino great brown hope Manny Pacquiao proved why he is the best thing to come out of the Philippines. Saturday night in Las Vegas' Madalay Bay hotel he worked hard to claim the super featherweight fighter from Juan Manuel Marquez.

Round for round they went at it. Trading wins per round, both wounded, Marquez more severe than Pacquiao with a huge gash on his right eye lid. Marquez showing why he was the Champion fought ferociously to the end. But eventually Marquez could not match the knock down that Pacquiao's left hook gave him in the 3rd round which decided the split decision to go to Pacquiao. Therefore claiming the championship belt from Marquez.

Pacquiao has been the biggest name to come out of the Philippines in the last few years. Finally the Filipinos have a true FULL Filipino to come out of the Philippines and make a big name for himself in an otherwise black and white American entertainment industry. I was getting tired of the half Filipinos like actor Rob Schneider, singer Enrique Iglesias, WWE wrestler Batista and hiphop artist Apl from the Black Eyed Peas representing the Filipinos (I mean I thank them for representing, but...). I don't count them as Pinoys. They look nothing like Pinoys, they all look like whatever other half they are. Pacquiao is the true representation of a true Pinoy. He's what the true common Pinoy looks like. So big ups to the little big Pinoy Manny Pacquiao!

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